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Monday, 5 March 2012

Lodge 105: Masonic Murals

Well my jobs are linking together nicely! The warring Campbell brothers and the warring Masons. Two American Civil War stories with the same premise. That's the universe for you!
I was treated this week to a look at the old Masonic Lodge in Coupar Angus. (Dates back to 1767). Historic Scotland have rejuvenated the exterior, but wont help with the interior- I believe the reason is that Free Mason's are a 'private club'.
However, they need to upgrade their room and want new paintings. Their old murals are in a terrible state, but it'll cost more to clean them than cover them up! Their plan is to frame up new interior walls (the place is freezing anyway) and hang large masonic symbolist paintings rather than to muralise. I'm really looking forward to the job.

juneable: Lodge 105: Masonic Murals

juneable: Lodge 105: Masonic Murals: I was treated this week to a look at the old Masonic Lodge in Coupar Angus. (Dates back to 1767). Historic Scotland have rejuvenated the ext...

Friday, 24 February 2012

Celebrate Crieff: Power Point Presentation

I had to do a wee presentation the other evening about my Secessionville painting and the linked community projects I'm doing alongside it to promote the 19th century happennings of emigration to America from my small Scottish town of Crieff.
It's the first Power point presentation I've done although I have used slides and overhead projection before. There were two other speakers, so all three presentations were put together in the correct running order and presented as one 'slideshow'.
I had help from my bloke with the layout of the slides and their artwork, but the whole thing is a lovely easy way to do a presentation....then the power of the web kicks in. Because it's all computer work, you can share the whole thing by going to a fantastic site called slideshare - who knew?

Here's the Celebrate Crieff one. My bit is last - they ended on a high note!
Celebrate Crieff

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Last week's best job: Celebrate Crieff Logo

A logo for a new voluntary Crieff group, 
who have formed to create and get funding for cultural events in the town....
I've joined it...of course!

Secessionville Painting, start-up!

I've no idea what the composition will be, but I've begun preparing a canvas for the battle painting
Why make gesso for one, when you can squash 3 or 4 canvasses into a space?

Some of the paints I'll use. This is my 'new' sketching travel box, already in a state!

 I mostly use traditional Sax oil paints. They're very expensive, natural pigment and hand made, but they are glorious!
The brushes are Black Hog hair - my favourite at the moment. 

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Secessionville Painting: The Campbell Brothers from Crieff

This year, in Crieff, a series of events will take place celebrating two brothers who emigrated to America from Crieff in 1856 and found themselves fighting on opposing sides in the American Civil War.
The Campbell Brothers were brought up in the street I live in, Mitchell Street, so it makes it even more special to have received a commission from the 'Celebration150' group to undertake the painting of a large oil which will be the centrepiece of an exhibition in Crieff that will include Union and Confederate uniforms, 'Loaner Colours' and work from local schools based upon the story.