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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Last weeks best job! Big Spidey

Managed to squash Mimi into my Tardis-like Corsa, all legs akimbo and deliver it to The David Marshall Lodge in Aberfoyle for their Hallow'een event.

Mimi wanting into the house

Mimi at The Lodge

Don't think she wants to be left there

She'll be happy when she see's the glow-in- the- dark giant cobweb the Lodge have invested in to provide a home for her.....

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Last weeks best job! Finishing Fountain Park Community Mural

I've completed Fountain Park Community Mural, after 3 weeks of variable weather, the worst being wind: (I've learned all about 'the Venturi Effect - the action of wind around large buildings),  gusts of which made my legs turn to jelly a couple of times, resulting in me losing my bottle on the scaffold and giving in! I had some wonderful help from pupils of Boroughmuir H.S. and some great drawings from clients of the Garvald Institute and Fountainbridge Library reading groups.
 Fountainbridge Library

Banner workshops at Boroughmuir H.S.

Dalry Rd.P.S. P2/3 pupils helped paint the lower images

Wall images

Boroughmuir winners

A passing character, Norman. Just had to include him!
My scaffold, showing the angle of the brae I was working on.

Edinburgh Evening News Article