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Monday, 5 March 2012

Lodge 105: Masonic Murals

Well my jobs are linking together nicely! The warring Campbell brothers and the warring Masons. Two American Civil War stories with the same premise. That's the universe for you!
I was treated this week to a look at the old Masonic Lodge in Coupar Angus. (Dates back to 1767). Historic Scotland have rejuvenated the exterior, but wont help with the interior- I believe the reason is that Free Mason's are a 'private club'.
However, they need to upgrade their room and want new paintings. Their old murals are in a terrible state, but it'll cost more to clean them than cover them up! Their plan is to frame up new interior walls (the place is freezing anyway) and hang large masonic symbolist paintings rather than to muralise. I'm really looking forward to the job.

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