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Sunday, 27 November 2011

juneable: Last weeks best job! Revamp of an old Grotto

This week, my son, (sporting his 'Prostrate November Tache), & I, repainted a grotto I did around 10 years ago. Made from MDF, it was never intended for long term usage, but every year, the wee house has been touched up and rebuilt. A couple of years ago, the centre decided it had had its day and it was put in storage with bags of cement, bricks and piles of other might-be-handy-one-of-these-days stuff.

The Grotto, in it's early years
The Grotto, as it evolved into part of a scene a few years ago

Every year lots of children have had their picture taken in front of it. There's a certain appeal about the little house that children are drawn to. When the centre invested in a lovely Cinderella carriage, the young people missed Santa's wee house and it was re-instated!

The Grotto, in the revamp process

I think its going to look good. I was unsure about it becoming an ice-house, (blue is such a cold colour), but it sparkles nicely having been sprayed with silver glitter; the proof will be in the reaction by Santa's customers... to follow...

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