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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Last weeks best job! Wasn't a job, it was a Face-Paint Jam!

A face painting jam is a get together of face painters who share their skills and technical know how.
Last week a group of us went to 'Mary's Tribal Jam'.
Mary Fairgrieve's work is exceptional and she opened her home to what turned out to be a bunch of happy nutters...with their children... She tried her best to teach us something and we all tried our best to play with paint. Prizes and even a certificate were given. Yours truly won...nothing.

 I did get Triballed by another fantastic facepainter, Annie D and was morphed into a celtic warrior through the photoshop skills of the only male painter attending - Al Reid. 

It was altogether a fun happy sunny day and an excellent bonding session! Usually we face painters only know of each other through work, so it's a joy to get to know one another properly.

I face paint under the name 'Metamorface'. A name, we, (we are a team), achieved over a couple of G & T's!
The lovely Brenda Binnie won the coveted Metamorface certificate.

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  1. June, we were all lucky you were able to come and help make the day the success it was. Thank you. Mary x