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Monday, 14 February 2011

Loadsa arty stuff the June McEwan way; Painting: Basic Materials and First Purchases

June McEwan 8 Mitchell St Crieff PH7 3AG
Mob: 0777 187 5443

Watercolour Painting:
Paints;  I would recommend a student quality half pan sketching box and adding a tube of zinc white goache to it.
Selection of brushes;  Goat's hair Mop or wash brush, Squirrel hair No.8 and 1inch flat, Sable No.6and a riggeer.
Mediums;  Boiled or distilled water.
Sundries;  Water container or 2, 2B soft pencil, eraser, soft soap for brush washing, masking tape, drawing board.
Supports;  Watercolour paper and/ or sketch pad.

Acrylic Painting:
Paints;  I would recommend a student quality starter kit and get to know your preferred colours. Mine are;
White; Titanium (Zinc if available) Reds; Cadmium, Alizarin Crimson
Browns; Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna Blues; Ultramarine Phthalo
Yellows; Ochre, Cadmium yellow Lemon yellow Deep
Greens; Phthalo, Chromium Oxide
Selection of brushes; Hog's hair No.12 round, No.4 Flat, No.6 short flat. Nylon; Try Nos. 4,6, flats an 8 round and a No.6 rigger.
Palette; Plastic is best, or better still use tear off paper ones.
Mediums;  To start with, I would use a P.V.A water mix.
Sundries;  Water containers, rags, charcoal, 4B soft pencil, painting shirt, soft soap for brush cleaning.
Easel;  Tabletop is small, handy and useful.
Supports;  Acrylic and watercolour papers, primed board and canvas.

Oil Painting:
Paints;  I would recommend a student quality and get to know your preferred colours Mine are;
White;  Titanium and Zinc Reds; Cadmium, Alizarin Crimson,Madder Lake
Browns;  Burnt Umber,Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna Blues; Ultramarine, Ceruleun
Yellows;  Ochre, Cadmium yellow Deep and Lemon
Greens;  Veridian,, Emerald
Selection of brushes;  Hog's hair No.12 round, No.4 Long Flat, No.6 short flat..Ox hair No.10 short flat, No.10 long flat, No.6 long flat. Nylon – good substitute for Sable, try Nos. 4,6, 10 8 round and a No.6 rigger..
Painting knives;  are flexible, I recommend a long pointed one. For working the paint on the support.
Palette; Try before you buy! Make sure it's comfortable, let it rest on your forearm with your thumb through the hole and your fingers in the hollowed edge. It should have enough space to mix colours on. A thick sheet of glass or plastic flexiglass is ideal if you have somewhere to rest. Tear off palettes are a practical solution, especially for painting outdoors. A cheap alternative is greaseproof paper.
Mediums;  White spirit for cleaning brushes. May be used for 1st layer of painting. Distilled Turpentine and Refined Linseed Oil, thinning agents for mixing with paint. (I use a 2:1 oil/turps mix).
Sundries;  Jars and/or tins, for mixing and cleaning brushes. Rags, painting shirt, charcoal for drawing.
Easels;  Tabletop is small, handy and useful.Portable is handy but can be unstable.
Supports;  Canvas board, Universal board, Primed Hardboard, Plyboard, Chipboard MDF, Oil painting paper
Cleaning Equipment;  Soft soap is best, although washing upliquid works well.
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